Leg Toning Exercises – 4 Tone Thighs Fast Exercises

by topbodyresults on May 29, 2010

leg toning exercisesLeg toning exercises when combined with the right diet and regular high intensity interval training will get you the results to tone thighs fast. Knowing the right leg toning exercises to perform is crucial for targeting the fat deposits around the thigh area.

Remember that any effective leg toning exercise needs to be done in conjunction with the right diet and a high intensity interval training cardio routine to effectively reduce body fat. Find out how to lose leg fat by incorporating these two other essential components. Need help getting started – get some tips here to develop exercise motivation and get you in the right frame of mind for an effective workout.

Here are four great leg toning exercises to get you started to get toned thighs and burn leg fat:

Leg Toning Exercise 1 – Plie Squat

 plie squat


The Plie Squat is great for targeting the inner thigh region, quads and glute muscle.

How to Do It:

Step 1 – Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Point toes out.

Step 2 – Bend your knees lower your body to the floor, using the heels and keeping the weight in the back

Perform 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Go further: Increase the intensity by adding a dumbbell

Leg Toning Exercise 2 – One Leg Lunge

 one leg lunge

The one legged lunge is great for toning the hamstring, glute and quads.


How to Do It:

Step 1 – One leg is extended on a bench behind you. The standing leg at the front in straight

Step 2 – Using your front leg, lunge down towards the floor, keeping the knee behind your toe

Perform 4 sets of 12-16 reps.

Go further by adding weights – start with a low weight in each hand.


Leg Toning Exercise 3 – Step Ups

step ups

This exercise is best performed with a weigh in each hand and is perfect for shaping thighs. Focus on keeping your body straight and use your core for balance.

How to Do It:

Step 1 – Use any stable piece of equipment. Step up onto the heel of your foot, keeping the body straight. Push yourself up focusing on the glute.

Step 2 – Come back down using the same starting leg. Then repeat with the other leg.

Perform 3 sets of 12-16 reps for each leg.

Go further by adding weights – start with a low weight in each hand


Leg Toning Exercise 4 – Stability ball squats

 stability ball squats

How to Do It

Step 1 – Place the ball in the canter of your back, against the wall. Stand with your feet hip width apart a few feet away from the body.

Step 2 – Drop your body towards the floor and when you get to a 90 degree angle – hips in line with knees-  hold it for 30 seconds. Add intensity by going lower.

Perform 6 sets, with a 30 second rest in between.

Go further by raising one leg.

Leg toning exercises like these can be done anywhere – they are simple, don’t require equipment and will tone thighs quickly and efficiently. Make sure your diet and cardio program is in check too – if you need more information go here to learn how to lose leg fat by incorporating diet and high intensity cardio.

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