Kettlebell Workout dvd

by topbodyresults on December 15, 2011

kettlebell workout dvdAre you looking for a great workout for your whole body?

I have recently started using kettle bells and it has dramatically improved my fitness levels, endurance and weight loss.

I have tried a number of different methods to lose weight and slim down and I recently heard about Kettle Bells. At first I was skeptical, but once I tried it a few times and saw the amazing results – I was hooked.

Why are kettle bells so effective?

The main reason that kettlebell workouts are so effective is that they give you both a cardio workout as well as strength and toning. I have found it to be the equivalent of running on the treadmill for half an hour – but they are much easier, more fun and versatile.

So you do not have to worry about expensive gym memberships, waiting for other people to finish with kettlebells and most importantly – not having instructions on what to do!
You get all of this with the RKS Kettlebell DVD system and a total cardio workout combined with strength training that you can do from home, while you are away on vacation or even at your office.

Let’s face it, treadmill workouts and cardio is boring and you do not get the FULL body workout that kettlebells provide.

Another great thing about kettlebell workouts is that you can buy a kettlebell workout dvd and do it from home. This is a major benefit for me as I work from home, and I have a set up at home where I can play my kettlebell workout dvd and get all of my workouts done.

The best kettlebell workout dvd that I have found to date is the RKS Kettlebell Workout DVD.

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What you get are 16 different workouts on 9 kettlebell DVDs. This is incredible value and great for anyone who get bored doing the same workouts over and over again. There is no shortage of diversity with these workouts and it is created for both men and women.


P90X Abs Workout

by topbodyresults on August 31, 2010

The P90X Abs workout is only about 15 minutes long but it is a killer workout that really gets results. The best thing about it is the short length, but it still manages to target the core and obliques and get you sweating. You end up doing 349 repetitions so it is a thorough workout and if you keep at it you will build up the strength and tone the ab muscles so that you can completely finish the p90x abs workout each time.

P90X Abs consists of 11 different exercises of 25 repetitions. At first you may not be able to finish all of the reps – do not worry – just try to attempt each exercise and do as many as you can. Some of them are really tough and towards the end you will struggle to complete all of the sets. The rule is to just attempt each exercise, take breaks and do as many as you can.

P90X Ab Workout Consists of 11 different exercises like:

  • In and Outs Core
  • Bicycles – forward
  • Bicycle – Backwards
  • Crunchy Frog
  • Cross leg or Wide Leg Sit Ups
  • Fifer Scissors
  • Hip Rock and Raise
  • Pulse Ups
  • V Ups
  • Oblique V Ups
  • Leg Climbs
  • Mason Twists – hard!

By the time you get to the mason twists you will really feel those abs hardening up. The mason twists are probably the hardest – 40 in total, but you will feel amazing when you are able to finish them all. Again always take your time, build your strength up slowly and do not lose motivation just because you couldn’t finish them all on the first round.

Ab Workout P90X does not need to be done every day, even the Trainer Tony Horton recommends that you do not do it every day. Your muscles need to recover and the P90X Abs Workout is tough so take it easy. It is suggested that you do it every other day. You can also incorporate it into your own lifestyle – maybe do the quick 15 minute workout before bed.

Why the P90X Abs Workout is so good?

The best thing about this workout, and the P90X workout system in general is that they are intense, they really get you working out hard and you can do them anywhere. Some trips to the gym are useless – you end up doing the same thing over and over again with minimal results. Ever had that problem? It can be a waste of time, especially if you are on your own without a trainer. The P90X Abs workout is just one part of the P90X Program and its like having your own personal trainer.

Want to really make the P90X Abs workout effective in getting ripped abs? You have to incorporate a clean diet. This means sticking to the P90X Diet and Nutrition plan as much as possible. But the key component really is clean eating and focusing on proteins. That is the secret of making P90X work for you and that is how the people in the testimonials got the results.

Get started with the P90X Abs Workout for the ultimate ab ripping results. You can also get a lot of support through the Beachbody forums, or if you want any other information on P90X you can check out these links:

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